Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I appreciate..

I realise for me..
one of the best thing in my life is my dear..

I love and miss the time i spend with him...
even just looking at his sleepy face will make me happy...

contented having him by my side...
I really am a lucky girl to have him...

A new friend of mine told me that i have a good boy friend..
very lucky of me..
coz it's tough to find such nice and understanding guy..

All along.. i appreciate him.. and i love him too..
and after what my friend had said..
I realised that she's very true..
I really am lucky..

From now on.. I will appreciate him more!
I really hope this will all not just vanish one day.. just like that..

I've found the right guy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sorry dear..
I DOn't know how to react now...
i'm not feeling like myself for now..
very numb as a result of excessive hurt
or shall i say self hurting due to thinking too much..
very afraid evrything will be gone in a blink of eye
maybe i shall not expect too much
too much given.. too much to lose
a word to describe everything- selfishness
my love is too selfish..
and i hate it too
it's very annoying i understand.
making people to suffocate, gasping for air, and perhaps freedom..

A harm done, forever there

A harm done.. by our own action..

It will be forever there.. impossible to wipe it away..

My heart is filled with holes.. some being filled.. yet there'll always be a mark there..

The choice i made or something that can't be controlled..

I can't control myself..

Is it true that the more you love a person,
the more you'll hurt him?..

Everything he says or does affects me..
making him feels that i'm unreasonable..

The words i use.. hurts him...

even.. when i regret saying those things..
it seems to be too late..
too late for everything to go back as usual..

Even a little joke of him..
I tend to take it seriously.. without weighting how ar is it true..

Just because.. it all came out from him...

I don't know how to express my feelings anymore..
Words seem to not be able to show him how i feel for him..
the cruel fact that i love him.. unconditionally..
the fact that he doesn't seem to realise..

It hurts me..
hurts me a lot.. when he makes me feel that he questions my love for him..
It just hurts me when he doubts it..
even... if he doesn't admit it..

Maybe it's all my fault..
maybe what i've been doing all along creates more doubt than confidence..
Is this what i deserve?
Is this my retibution?

But.. for now.. all i want to say is.. i love him with all my heart..
and it never changes..

Thursday, July 9, 2009








可是, 人,如果想进步、更上一层楼的话,不是应该面对所面对的困难吗?

如果逃避,人就会永远永远地停留在那儿.. 经不起时间的考验..